04 May 2012

Mama's New Spin Cycle

Something fantastic has happened in the Stammen House. We have a new washer and dryer! When we moved in 4 years ago we purchased a (very) used washer and dyer from Craigslist. It worked for what we needed at the time, relatively small loads on an infrequent basis. Now with a family of 5 it wasn't holding up too well. The dryer smelled like it was smoking if it was put on High Heat, so we had to run it on Low Heat - which meant running it twice in order to dry half a load - which meant washing a very small load - which doubled my laundry duties. Insane. Now that we have new ones that are glorious I don't know what to do with my spare time...finish other projects...exercise...watch TV...play outside with the kids...post more...the possibilities are endless.

I thought I would take this time to post of Nora-isms as well. She is a funny one and her sayings are getting to be more and more interesting. Here are a few I hope you enjoy.

Me - "I'm going to color the sky blue."
Nora - "That's not a big idea!" (aka a "good idea")

Nora dropping a cracker, sitting on Leo's hand, running into the wall, putting shoe on wrong foot, "That's ok."

Me - "This piece goes here." (puzzles)
Nora - "Are you kidding me?"

On talking about Princesses, referred to as "Princeaprincess".
Mary (aka Ariel)
Cinderbella (aka Cinderella)
Rapnoozle (aka Rapunzel)

After asking Nora 4 times to do anything where she has said no the 3 prior times, "Fiiiine..."

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