17 April 2012

OH MY..he is HUGE!

Leo had his 2 month appointment today and he was very well behaved throughout the checkup, smiling and cooing for the nurse and Dr. Amy...that is until he had his shots, then he cried like nothing I have ever heard before. It actually brought tears to my eyes (hard thing to do) and I couldn't wait to scoop him up into my arms. After he was measured and weighed we all had a little laugh at his expense...the boy is heavy! Anyone who holds him says they can't believe how heavy he is, well believe it, he never misses a meal. Luckily we aren't going every 2 hours at night anymore though, we get anywhere from 4 - 6 hours between feedings overnight. But during the day he likes his food.

Here are my little man's stats:     24 inches (21 1/4 inches at birth) 80th percentile
                                                    14lbs. 6.7oz. (7 lbs. 12oz. at birth) 95th percentile

Looking at our friends blog, their little girl was 14lbs at six months and is a good 3 inches longer! At this rate I'll have a baby like Miranda Kerr (yes Victoria's Secret model who was on Ellen sometime ago)...her 15 month old son weighed 35lbs! I can't say I am upset about Leo's little rolls though, the one that folds over his wrist is by far my favorite, or the one that folds over his thumb - really anything hand related. He wins for the biggest of my children. He's solid....

I'm cute and I know it...no, I don't work out...


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