06 May 2012

iRate for the iPhone

Time for some lashing out. I just returned home from the grocery store where I couldn't  possibly wait to blog until tomorrow. While this event is fresh in my mind I am going to rant and rave about the state of our community.

A gentleman, his wife, his daughter, and granddaughter were in front of me. All three adults had an iPhone. This wasn't disturbing in the slightest, most everyone has one (except for me and Joel) has a smart phone. It wasn't until they paid for their groceries with food stamps that whistles, bells, sirens, flames and grenades starting exploding behind my eyes. Let's do some math here, I hate math, but in this case I am willing to do some nasty...

3 iPhones: $199.99 each = $599.97 total
3 data plans: $30 each = $90 per month = $2160 for 2 year contract
Family Plan: Pretend $100.00 per month = $2400 for 2 year contract

Total 2 year cost: $4560.00
Total monthly cost: $190.00

$190 a month is what they could be saving towards groceries every month instead of using food stamps. I understand times are tough and even the most savvy of consumers are struggling, but when you are struggling and carrying an almost $200 UNNECESSARY bill every month - it's time to trim the fat.

To quote a famous dentist "If you have a cell phone and/or cable tv you should consider yourself rich."

Thank you for your time.

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