15 May 2012

3 Months

We are entering infancy and exiting the newborn stage. Leo is the big 3 (months) and we are no longer sleeping through the night again! Hooray for 2 - 3 hours at a time all night again. Yes, Leo, I love you and I like spending time with you, but not at 2am, 4am and again at 6am. Here is just a small sampling of our attempt at a 3 month photo. He wasn't very interested in and then threw up all over himself. Men...
Not Interested in Pictures
Dirty and Angry at the Flash

So close to rolling over....

I wish I would have gotten a better picture of Leo here, but he gets very freaked out by the flash on the camera and my I couldn't get one at all without it. I wanted to compare Nora and Leo with the same pajamas on, but it didn't turn out quite as planned. People are always telling me how much the two look alike and I truly agree...just wish I had better proof. 

Nora 4 1/2 months
Leo 3 months

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