13 April 2012

2 Months (+30 years)

Here we go...I am now 30 years old. It doesn't feel real, how did I get here? I can't say I am upset about this milestone, cuz I ain't. It's a different sort of feeling to say I am no longer a 20-something, I am 30 (so very different from IN my 30s though...). I would like to believe that I have accomplished some stuff. For my big dirty thirty, my lovely husband brought home a delicious Dutch Apple pie and a ring with 3 jewels, a ruby for Mya's July 21st birthday, a peridot for Nora's August 10th birthday and an amethyst for Leo's February 12th birthday. I love it!

My little Leo celebrated his 2 months on my 30th and he, sadly, was not the greatest child that day. He cried most of the day away with what appeared to be a bellyache (meaning once again ate something he didn't like, he's a picky one!). But he did sleep for 6 hours at night, so that was sweet of him. It's amazing how much he has grown in the past month. He used to be my little petite boy and now he's a load. I love the rolls on his wrists and how he can create a double chin almost constantly. Both of his sisters were pudgy as well and now Mya is all limbs, so perhaps they need something a little extra in order to stretch.

2 months chillin

Nora trying to steal the moment
Nora has been doing very well potty training. She only wears a pull-up over night and that's going to end soon. Lately though she has is very involved with her poop. When the toilet is flushed she is very polite and waves to her poop saying "Bu-bye poop and pee!" There are moments when I have no words for the things she does. Nora and Mya have taken to wrestling quite a bit lately since Mya is on Spring Break. They are absolutely hilarious to watch, Mya trying to be gentle and Nora just straight punching, kicking, jumping, and pushing Mya. One of these days we will record it because there is nothing like it. Nora is half of Mya's size and perhaps twice as ferocious....not perhaps, Nora could be a cage fighter someday, the girl is built like a linebacker and is just as strong.

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  1. A cage fighter! That cracks me up!! :) Glad you had a great birthday! Hope Leo is happier today!