12 March 2012

Happy 1 Month

Our little Leo is one month old today. He is certainly the most high-maintenance of all of my children so far....weird because I have to two older girls. His sleeping habits are not conducive to making a mom happy and he prefers to lay in my arms and walk fast rather than sit and cuddle. Our schedule is not anywhere near where I would like it to be by now and I can't see it improving anytime soon. We go to bed around 10, and then proceed to get up at 12, 3, and 6 - and stay up for at least an hour every single time. So really I sleep for 2 hours, get up for one hour, sleep for 2 hours and get up for another hour. By 7 am I am ready to fall asleep walking. The only thing that makes this situation ok is that he isn't crying or fussy (usually) when we are up, he is just staring at me. One thing we have learned though is that he likes noise, he will fall asleep to the sound of the vacuum and loves to listen to anyone sing. It's been a short month...hopefully it slows down.

Someday he'll fit in Dad's chair.
In other news, on Saturday Mya had to go to the soccer fields to mark out the fields in preparation for the soccer season. An hour after Joel and Mya left they returned and Mya was in tears. Joel says to me "She has pepper spray in her eyes." Ok....I keep pepper spray in the stroller during my walks and the stroller happened to be in the back of the car. She somehow touched it and then touched her eyes and then it was in her eyes (thankfully she didn't spray it in her eyes). How it leaked I have no idea since I have never even unlocked the cover, but it did. For future reference, applying milk to the eyes is the best remedy. Water didn't seem to help at all. Thankfully it didn't take long for the pain to go away, but now I know it would work against any attacker...For those of you who know Miss Mya, she has a low (very) tolerance for pain and asked Joel to take her to the nearest hospital on the way home because she was convinced she would be blind.

On Sunday we all headed to the Oregon District for the Final Four Festival. We didn't know what we were getting into, but it turned out to be a great afternoon adventure. Mya was a little too old to enjoy some of the games, but she did a vertical jumping test and scored an Air Force lighted key chain. Nora on the other hand had to stop at every single booth and try every single game. She threw bean bags into a board, threw tennis balls into a laundry basket (for suckers...we did this about 5 times), walked onto the Air Force recruiters platform (just because it was there), threw footballs through a net, and "shot" an M9. That last one was my favorite. Some of the kids were very nervous and most didn't want to hold the gun, not our Nora. She wouldn't leave the table without participating.

Leo's First Outing..no that cotton candy wasn't his

Mya and Nora

Nora, sucker, and M9

Mya's vertical jump, highest for a (9 year old) girl that day

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