06 March 2012

Poop in a Bag

Tonight Mya had her first outdoor soccer practice and Joel had a Dayton Flyers game to go to, so it was my first time managing all 3 children outside of our house at the same time. But it was supposed to be a simple thing.

1. Drop Mya off at practice at 5:30.
2. Pick up Nora from daycare.
3. Grab some dinner for Nora to eat in the car during practice.
4. Leave practice at 6:30.

Sounds so simple, I assured Joel that it was no problem, go to the game - we're fine - seriously. Steps 1 - 3 were carried out flawlessly. I got Nora some McDonald's nuggets and we sat watching Mya practice. At around 6:15 Leo started crying (screaming) and I had to get him out of the carseat and feed him. While I am nursing him in the front seat of our car, Nora tells me she has to poop. Great, the bathrooms at the fields haven't been opened yet. What is a mother to do? Improvise....We grab the McDonalds bag and while Nora squats over it I have my one free arm keeping her up. While I am one-handed wiping Nora, Leo decides it's time to start gagging and throws up everywhere...I forgot to mention he was diagnosed with acid reflux today...and now my shirt, my pants, the seat and Leo are covered in throw up. The car not only smells like poop, but throw up. To top the whole thing off, the trash cans aren't set out yet either, poopy McDonalds bag sits outside of the car for the time being.

I get Nora clean and then clean up Leo and myself. After we do this, Nora says she has to pee. Luckily I have a pull-up...yes I just now realized that daycare returned them to us because Nora is fully potty trained. So I make her take her clothes off and put on the pull-up. There is more poop in her underwear and on her pants so she is now pantsless running around the car, not happy because she has to pee in the pull-up. It's now 6:35 and Mya's coach has them starting to scrimmage. Awesome. For the next 10 minutes I fight with Nora, talking her into peeing in the pull-up, and trying to keep Leo happy because apparently his reflux is bothering him and he's very sad. Mya gets in the car at 6:48 and immediately says "Nora did you poop?"

Disaster night. 

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