02 March 2012

A Genius? Not so much...

Nora and I picked up Subway on our way home from the grocery store today and she picked out Cheetos to go with her sandwich. As we were sitting down eating, she pulled a Cheeto out that was "Y" shaped and said "Look, a Y!" Then she bit off the two forks on the Y and said "Now it's a 1." My heart swelled with pride because these nuggets of intelligence aren't common when it comes to our Nora - she could be the funniest person I know but we normally leave the brains to Mya. I couldn't help but be proud that all the time we work on the alphabet and her numbers was working. She can do her ABCs and count to 16 but to think she was starting to recognize them was a happy moment for me. As I was cleaning up our lunch and getting ready to change Leo, Nora exclaimed that she had to go potty. So up the stairs we went and as she sat down to do her business she very seriously told me "I tell Mommy when I have to go potty because I'm a big boy." Proud bubble popped by the elusive gender puzzle. We love you Nora....and we're very happy that you are so cute.

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