27 September 2012

7 Months

We ran a little past our typically 1 month updates due to an increasingly rapid activity pace in the Stammen House. Not a night goes by where there isn't SOMETHING going on that creates a bit more work for us. It certainly makes time go by quickly, which, when you have little kids growing up at home, isn't the optimal situation. Time needs to slow down, Leo is already pulling himself around on the ground - it's most certainly not a crawl or an army crawl, it's a roll and scoot, roll and scoot and pull with the hands method that he has become quite skilled at. Here he is at 7 months, weighing it at 23 pounds (I didn't measure him). He only put on about a pound from 6 months. He is also officially in 12 months clothes, not only are they the perfect size around, but they are the perfect length as well.
7 month little slugger
Mya's soccer team has been playing a great season so far. We have only 1 win, but they are playing at a level we haven't seen in the past. It's so great to see her improve and push herself every single year. All of the girls are looking forward to the Haunted Classic tournament in Beavercreek this fall. Last year we didn't have the best showing, so they are eager at some redemption!
Nora started pre-school this fall and is loving every single second of it. Her teacher tells us that she is great listener and a wonderful helper, she is really enjoying having Nora in her class....wow. I didn't even have a response. For those of you who really know Nora, you can appreciate my shock at such a stunning report, and to those of you who don't think that the report is all that sparkly...you don't know our Nora. She also started soccer this fall and is doing great - if great is running up and down the field smiling at us. It could be worse though, she could be crying and refusing to participate. She really wants to get the ball, but if not, oh well, waving to the sidelines and getting many water breaks is also great fun!

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