13 August 2012

I want birds IN my cake!

Nora's 3rd birthday was on the 10th and she had some very specific ideas on how she wanted to celebrate her day.

1. She wanted a giant giraffe.
2. She wanted birds in her cake; yes you read that correctly - IN not on her cake.

I try to be a good mother, provide my children with all of the essentials (plus some) in life. They want for nothing, they are fed, clothed and sleep under a roof in comfortable beds. It's my job to see that they have a well-rounded childhood, so when they request something special on their special day, I am going to try and fulfill their wish. But seriously, birds IN a birthday cake. Nora assumes her life is a nursery rhyme and I am here to remind her that no on lives in a fairy tale. That is another one of my job requirements as a parent - keep them grounded.

I did the best I could with the resources I had, I am no Martha Stewart or Cupcake Queen so Nora got a two-layer funfetti cake with a bird on top (plus some flowers and bees to make it sweeter). She loved it! It wasn't exactly what she asked for but it was close and I gave it an honest effort. After all of my hard work (2 days of frosting) I ended up crashing in my hopes of becoming Mother of the Year...I had no candle. Mya turned 3, why didn't I have a #3 candle? Plus I had no single candles. Not a big deal except Nora is already sitting at the table waiting impatiently for her cake. So I improvise and put a 1 and a 2 on her cake, is she 12 is she 21...no she's 1+2. Gosh, epic fail.

Bird on Cake

1+2 = 3
Just so we are clear, she also did not receive a giant giraffe and she didn't even mention it. Instead she got a shiny new Doc McStuffins medical kit from Mom and Dad, and Woody & Jessie (Toy Story) from Mya and Leo. Time for your checkup happens every hour in our house now.

Nora McStuffins
Leo also turned the big 6 months this weekend and he certainly isn't slowing down. The boy is huge and happy. He also hates jar baby food. We've been trying for over a month now to introduce foods to him and he is having none of it. So instead of forcing the issue I just started feeding him when and what we eat...and he loves it! He doesn't eat a lot but he giggles hysterically when he does eat. Not sure why he thinks eating a peach is funny, but he does.

Silly outfit I know...it was a long day
My feet are AWESOME!

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