12 July 2012

5 months old, 4 years of marriage, 3 DeBlois sisters, 2 bulldogs and 1 Port Austin Vacation

5 Months Old

Leo is 5 months old now and a lean 20 pounds. He is the type of infant who is either in a great mood or a terrible mood - not so much in between...As much fun as he can be, he can flip on you and become quite the opposite of fun. With the girls I was very much in a routine, things were a certain way every single day and a slight deviation wasn't the end of the world, but it wasn't highly appreciated by anyone either. This boy of ours doesn't even have what you could say resembles a schedule. It's a constant state of "what's wrong" at every cry. No two days (or hours) are ever quite the same. Our goal for this month is to remedy that...strict schedule from today until we are riding the wave of predictability....wish us luck because this may get intense.


Doing the tripod

4 Years of Marriage

12 July 2012 marks me and Joel's 4th anniversary. It's been a fast 4 years with two additional children, a house, trips, vacations, and much more. We were very blessed to have found each other and look forward to many more years to come. When we were on our honeymoon we decided that every year for our anniversary we would follow the "traditional gifts" for each year. I thought this would encourage us to put some thought into what we gave each other inside of the flowers/tie thing every year. I was not expecting Joel to dominate me on the creativity level of each year, but he has...it's both a thrill and a defeat every year.

1st year (paper): I gave him a book; he gave me a gift card to a spa
2nd year (cotton): I gave him a cool head pillow; he gave me some pretty glorious pajamas
3rd year (leather): I gave him a belt; he gave me a nook with a leather case

Joel: 3 / Rebeccah: 0

So this year I thought I wouldn't have to think too hard since it is Fruit or Flowers. I figured he would send me my favorite flowers or something and I could just get him a "manly" fruit basket. I return home from vacation and he takes me to the backyard to give me my gift early - b/c he didn't want me to see it if I went outside that week. So, he planted a lilac bush....a freakin lilac bush....I LOVE LILACS...When I was growing up we had a lilac tree just outside our door and every morning when I I went outside or the window was open I was assaulted with the smell of lilacs; best memory from that house ever. Joel knew this and planted the bush directly outside the window where we eat all our meals. When it blooms we will eat meals with the smell of lilac wafting into the open window. Quite possibly the best, most thoughtful gift I have ever received. I was on a romantic high until I realized that a mere fruit basket was now the dumbest thing ever. For the next few days I toyed around with numerous ideas...a "Fruit of your Labors" themed gift....but I was behind schedule and completely overwhelmed with how to match the amazing lilacs.

4th year (fruit/flowers): I gave him a beer of the month (fruit infused); he gave me a memory

Joel: 4 / Rebeccah: 0

Planted and ready to bloom in a year or so

3 DeBlois Sisters

Like I mentioned earlier, I went on vacation and was able to spend time with my two sisters the entire week. Whenever I go up to MI I have to run around trying to fit in time to see my family and friends and being able to see these two girls was amazing. Our kids played together longer than they ever get too and we were able to really sit and laugh...loved it.

2 Bulldogs

I also ran into 2 AMAZING bulldogs this past week as well. Leo got some Port Austin baby-sitting love from a friend of my sister and she had the most adorable American bulldogs. This dog is on the top of my dog wish list. It's one part of my vacation that I didn't get enough of; I wish I could have taken both (or even one) of them home with me. Someday we will talk Joel into getting a dog; I wonder if "man's best friend" is a traditional wedding gift?

1 Port Austin Vacation

So I have hinted around about our fantastic vacation and now it is time to explore the week in detail. Joel went to Vegas for the World Series of Poker, so the girls, Leo and I headed to Pure Michigan for a fun-filled week. We stayed at the Blue Spruce Hotel and Lucky Horseshoe in a cozy little room. The days were spent swimming and strolling the lazy town of Port Austin; then heading to Tastee Freeze for a delicious cool ice cream to end the day. 4th of July was almost too much for me. I may have left Huron County 12 years ago, but it will never leave me. Watching the fireworks and the parade took me back to my childhood and all of those wonderful memories with my own sisters and cousins. Watching my kids have that experience was amazing to say the least. Every day we got to see my Mom and Dad; something I only get to do a few times a year and then for only a day or so for a couple hours. We had such a great time, I am already planning our trip back next year - hopefully Joel will be able to join us.

Ready for vacation!

Day 1 was exhausting...

My swimming beauties.

Such a sweetie

Parade preparations

Firework time

Swimming with by bestie Aunt Shannon

Family swim time

Leo's first dip

Relaxin in the float

Ice cream...every day

The mother of all ice creams!

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